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Web Application Development

Custom-tailored web software to help manage and automate many aspects of your business.

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What We Build for our customers with Barrie Web Application Software Development

Some of the different types of web application software we build include:

Booking Systems

If you run an appointment-based business, a fully manageable booking system can be a great asset. Set up different types of appointments, manage your availability, and send out automated reminders and confirmations.


Whether your business has 20 customers or 2000, you can consolidate your customer’s information in one easy-to-manage, easily accessible database, with as many data points as your business needs.

Invoicing & Estimates

We can develop software that allows you to create, send out, and manage customer invoices and work estimates.

Online Payment Systems

If your business requires one-off or regular payments from customers, an online payment system can allow them to pay their invoice directly. Payments can be processed through Stripe, Paypal, or any other payment gateway you may use.

Payroll Systems

Manage your company’s payroll with all the data points and information needed in one place. You can use this to automate payroll related tasks such as reminders, sending out paystubs, T4s and other documents, and more.

3rd Party Integration

For businesses that use a few different tools in their regular workflow, we can integrate them with your unique web application software using their API. Integrations we’ve done include Quickbooks, Google Calendar, Box, and much more.

Automating & Digitizing Existing Systems

We help automate and digitize the old way of doing things to help speed up the process and free up your time. From checklists to paperwork and beyond, your repetitive or regular tasks can be brought to the 21st century.

Fleet Management & Geotracking

Whether you’re a shipping company or a small HVAC company, customized fleet management software can help monitor your vehicles in real-time, increase safety, improve efficiency, and much more.

Anything You Need!

Every business runs differently. If you need something completely custom to manage or run a unique aspect of your business, we'll work with you to find the best solutions.

Your data is safe with us.

We take the storing and protection of sensitive data seriously. That's why we guarantee all web application software is developed with:

  • Built-In Security
  • PCI Compliance
  • SSL Certificates
  • Data Encryption
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Two-Factor Authentication
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